photo of a couple sitting back to back
Situationships: The Newer, More-Complicated Friends With Benefits

"What's the definition of a situationship? Why do they have such a bad reputation? Are you in one? Why do they typically go wrong?


a couple staring at their phones
Why Social Media Is So Toxic | The Negative Impacts On Our Mental Health

Social media has taken the world by storm, how has it negatively impacted our mental health. Will it become the new "smoking"?


lou reed practicing thai chi
The Other Side Of Lou Reed | Tai Chi & Hudson River Wind Meditations

On Lou Reed's obsession with Tai Chi and his final studio album being just as it sounds, a meditation.


old 1960s room with colored wallpaper
Colors And Emotions | What Colors Make You Most Productive?

Explore the connection between colors and emotions, and discover which colors can boost productivity and enhance your work environment the most.


punk rocker sitting next to an old woman being kind
In A World Where You Choose Be Anything, Choose Kindness

We get to make the choice. A quick read on why it's better to choose kindness.


a group of nuns smoking cigarettes
Environmental Design: The Easiest Way To Kick Bad Habits

You might not need will power to kick your bad habits, maybe all you need is a change of environment.


robot hand dropping a business man into a garbage can
The Fear Of AI Taking Over Jobs And Why History Says It's Not A Big Deal

AI is coming for all of us. Will it be the end of the world though?


girl sitting alone in a dark room with only her face illuminated
You Can't Control Everything | You Can Only Control Your Reaction

Accepting that most things in life are not in our direct control. So why worry?


woman looking at her reflection in a mirror
The Definitive List Of Questions To Get To Know Yourself

It’s important to know why we do what we do. The answers are the pathway to finding self-fulfillment and happiness.


a face that is blurred out
False Memories & The Mandela Effect Explained

More often than not when we reconstruct a memory in our brain, it doesn't necessarily reflect the truth of the matter.


photo of albert einstein in his old age
Albert Einstein: "Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge."

Imagination has always been the driving force behind new discoveries and innovations. Knowledge is finite where as imagination knows no bounds.


hand holding out a bouquet of flowers
The Importance Of An Apology | The Benefits Of Saying I'm Sorry

Why it's so important to admit we're wrong. Learning to apologize can lead to a better understanding of yourself and those around you.


photo of david foster wallace on a stoop
Compassionate Living | David Foster Wallace's "This Is Water" | Full Transcript & Audio

“Full transcript of David Foster Wallace's commencement speech for the graduating class of Kenyon College in 2005 about the importance of compassionate living.”


photo of steve jobs sitting alone in an empty room
Why Is It Better To Have Less Stuff | A Minimalist Lifestyle

“Cultivating a mindful and intentional approach to consumption | Decluttering your living space can help with decluttering your mind.”


photo of a couple staring at each other
Managing Expectations In Relationships: The Key To Happiness

“Exploring the correlation between the expectations we set and our overall happiness. Expect less - Get More.”


a guy trying to lasso a big tangle in the air
How To Solve Problems In Everyday Life

“One percent of life is what actually happens to you, the other ninety nine percent is how you react.”


david bowie signaling to be quiet
What Are The Netflix Secret Codes 2024 | A Comprehensive Guide

Using netflix codes to explore and unlock all the television shows and movies you couldn't access before.


photo of the first karaoke machine
The History Of Karaoke: Where It All Began

You've been dying to know the history of your beloved pastime. Don't worry, we got you.


woman with a mask on acting like an imposter
What Is Imposter Syndrome? Ways To Identify It And Cope With It

Self Sabatoge, Feelings of Doubt, and downplaying your successes are all tell-tale signs of Imposter Syndrome.


a photo of a woman's face distorting her abilities
The Dunning Kruger Curve: Overestimating Your Abilities

The Dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which one overestimates their capabilities in being able to do something or to understand something.


a cute couple taking a selfie
Consistency In A Relationship: How We Build Trust

Everything starts with trust. By staying consistent and true we can help build trust and establish meaningful relationships.


photo of a door on a forehead emitting light
Sunny Nihilism, Waiting For Godot, & The Might As Well Lifestyle

Taking back the negative connotation associated with the word "Nihilism" and finding a little light.


cindy lee's diamond jubilee album cover
On Cindy Lee's Diamond Jubilee

Fear not, great art still exists, and it's coming out of Durham, North Carolina.


man standing in a big computer server room
The Layers Of The Internet Unveiled: Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web

What are the key differences between the deep and dark web?


steve jobs sitting with his first computer
Why Am I Such A Failure? Why It's Not All That Bad

‘If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new’. -A.E.


drawn heads with flowers coming out their tops
The Sheer Power Of Empathy In Our Day To Day Lives

You Should Be More Empathetic. Learning to genuinely empathize with others can gain you influence and get you where you want to be.


albert einstein sitting and thinking
The Low-Key Art of Asking The Right Questions

Trust, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making all stem from one thing: Questions.


photo of david bowie
David Bowie and His Magical "Verbasizer"

Predating AI in music production was David Bowie's Mac App the "Verbasizer".


photo of a reset button
Is It Ever Too Late To Start Over?

It's never too late to begin something new and start over.