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girl with makeup smearted down cheek from crying

Is Crying Actually Good For You? What Are The Benefits Of Shedding A Tear?  07.11.24

Society praises stoicism and shuns the shedding of tears. But is letting those tears roll actually good for you?

vintage photo of couple on a plane before screen technology

Millenials Aren't Having Kids, They're Opting For Fur Babies Instead  07.09.24

Why are millenials opting out of having kids and going with a fur baby instead?

Hansel and Greta from Asop's fable laying down breadcrumbs

What Does Breadcrumbing Mean And Why Is It So Mentally Taxing?  07.07.24

What's definition of breadcrumbing and what are the emotional effects on those involved?

girl looking through a glass of water

Signs To Tell If Your Partner Is Emotionally Unintelligent  07.05.24

One could argue someone's EQ is more important than their IQ. What does it mean to have a low EQ and what are the signs?

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