What The Hell Does 'Rawdogging' A Flight Mean And Why It's Actually Important

What is the new definition of 'Rawdogging' and how is it important from a cultural viewpoint? 07.03.24

vintage photo of couple on a plane before screen technology

The New Trend Of Rawdogging Your Flight

We live in a world where screens have become inescapable. They are embedded into every aspect of our day to day lives, most prominently known for helping us pass the time. But remember when screens weren't in every corner of every room? When books and one's imagination came together to set you free?

Yeah me neither.

Which is why Tiktokers may be on to something, why rawdogging may actually hold some cultural worth. Why from the first conception of the screen in 1897, the (Cathode-Ray Tube) to now, never has a movement been more important in the history of mankind. (Okay maybe that's an exaggeration).

What Does Rawdogging Mean?

The term rawdogging has been around for quite some time already. It's been referred to when you have sex without protection. But recently the term has been repurposed and given a new meaning. Now, it can be used in lieu of traveling without any form of entertainment.

"Dude I just rawdogged a 12 hour flight from Chicago To Berlin."

girl who is looking sad on a plane You have no phone, no laptop, no movies, no headphones; Nothing but the beat of your heart and the thoughts in your mind. It's funny because flying is one of those situations where you literally have nothing but time. You are stuck inside this small space for hours on end, so you could argue never has entertainment been more important for a situation. And unless you are flying Spirit airlines or Frontier, then chances are there will be a screen on the back on the seat in front of you, available free of charge.

Why It's So Important?

Remember when we actually had time to think and let our brains run free?

Again, me neither.

Because I currently have the TV on while I'm browsing the internet on my phone while simultaneously watching a sports game on my laptop. I've seen it all before. It's impossible to detach from the screens in our day to day life. If it's not one thing then it's on to the next, a constant battle. Yeah the name Raw Dogging is a little rough, but then again so is life without constant entertainment. It's what our brains have been taught to crave. We need that constant engagement. There once was a time when screens didn't rule the world, where you could sit with your thoughts for hours on end. Sure you had forms of entertainment like a deck of cards, the newspaper, or a book, but the chances of having nothing but yourself we're much greater.

guy sitting staring at nothing on a plane

In It's Essence, Raw Dogging Is Self-Discipline

The idea of rawdogging is forcing yourself to practice self-discipline and prove that the screens are not in total control. We still can choose time away from them, even when they are most coveted (like on a ten hour flight). Yes, I do believe this is a trend and people will do it to say they've done it, only to never return, but even if you only do it once I think there's some value in it. It takes courage and power to be able to sit with only your thoughts for hours on end. I mean hell, it's basically prison in a nutshell if we're getting down to the nitty gritty. You have nothing but your thoughts. Give it a shot, see if you can hack it. rawdogging is your newest meditation.

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