What Are The Netflix Secret Codes 2024 | A Comprehensive Guide

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Using Netflix codes to explore and unlock all the television shows and movies you couldn't access before.  05.08.24

What Are Netflix Secret Codes?

Netflix codes are the key to unlocking the vast array of hidden categories and genres that might not be readily visible on your homepage. Ever wonder how many movies and tv shows actually exist on Netflix? Well the answer is around six thousand six hundred. Gee that’s a lot! So where are all of these extra golden nuggets?

Netflix employs specific algorithms to personalize the recommendations offered. There are multiple reasons behind this, the top one being they don't have the server processing power to serve you all of the shows and movies in their database. Instead they track what you watch and like, and curate your homepage to accordingly. Despite their efforts, they will always leave out potential suggestions that you would absolutely love.

We all know the search feature exists but wouldn't it be nice to have access to a list based off a specific genre. Enter Netflix codes:

Note** This only will work when logging into your Netflix account via a browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

How Do Netflix Codes Work?

Once you've found the code for the category that you're searching, you just have to replace the xxxx in this link https://netflix.com/browse/genre/xxxx with the code or simply click on the CODE below. The link will take you to the designated page. You will be prompted to sign into your Netflix account first if you aren't already logged in.

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What's A VPN And How To Use One

A VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. You can use one to either hide your IP address and activity on the internet, or in this instance, you can use it to route your IP address to another country. By rerouting your IP address you can access TV shows and Movies that are not available in the country in which you reside. When you use a VPN you can route your location to say Japan, and then use the secret codes to access shows and movies that are strictly available there.

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Which VPN Should I Choose?

I am a personal fan of Surfshark. They are secure, offer 100 locations across the world, and I've never had any issues with connectivity. They're affordable and reliable which are two main factors I always take into account. The VPN offers unlimited simultaneous device connections, meaning you can cover the whole household for the cost of a single VPN subscription. If you'd like to learn more or sign up you can click here.

The Netflix Codes

netflix home screen action and adventure

netflix home screen anime

netflix home screen kids movies

netflix home screen classic movies

netflix home screen comedies

netflix home screen documentaries

netflix home screen dramas

netflix home screen international movies

netflix home screen horrors

netflix home screen Independent movies

netflix home screen LGBTQ

netflix home screen romantic movies

netflix home screen sci-fi fantasy

netflix home screen sports

netflix home screen tv shows

netflix home screen thrillers

Utilizing Your Secret Codes

Uncovering Netflix's secret codes was like finding a winning lotto ticket on the beach. Pure bliss. So now that you have the codes what's the next step? Personally, I've found the best way to utilize these codes is by logging into your Netflix account on your browser, navigate to one of the genre pages and start exploring. When you find something you like simply add it to "My List". This way the next time you log into your Netflix on your smart TV, you will already have a built up list of movies or shows you want to watch.

As time goes on and you start to save and watch new shows and movies, your algorithm will slowly start to adjust accordingly. You will see new content being suggested to you that directly reflects what you've been watching. So you now have the power to alter the algo in your favor and start giving you better suggestions. A list of all the Netflix exclusive international distribution TV shows can be found here. So start exploring and may your netflix and chills be extra chill from here on out.

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